Smart Inno Project


Title: SMART INNO - Smart Network and Sustainable Innovation Cluster to increase RDI Competitiveness of SMEs in the Adriatic

Financing programme and type of project: IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-13

• strategic project

Priority and Measure: Priority 1, Measure 1.1

Contents: The SMART INNO project aims at overcoming identified deficiencies and shortcomings (e.g. low access to financing, lack of synergies among SMEs and R&I producers, policy makers and investors) by widening the geographic scope of action (bridging 17 regions from 8 countries), and using a holistic approach for bridging demand and supply, by providing smart coaching and match-making, and by increasing access to alternative funding of regional innovative ventures.

The main goal of the SMART INNO project is to develop a smart networking system for monitoring and fostering research & innovation capacity in SMEs across Adriatic Region.

The SMART INNO Consortium is composed by 18 partners  coming from 8 Adriatic Countries (Italy, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia). Such Consortium includes relevant actors from different fields: regional authorities, chambers of commerce, innovation and technology transfer centres, regional development agencies, a University with scientific innovation capacities, a SME specialized in cluster organization and an NGO focusing on EU regional cooperation.

Expected results and impact: The implementation of SMART INNO will have the following impacts in the participating regions:

• Establishment of trans-regional network of R&I institutions and SMEs in Adriatic, that, through clustering, will increase collaboration, flow of information and investments.

• Establishment of a novel type of SMEs and Start-ups ecosystem with coaching for fund-raising and access to investment sources, through a finance marketplace.

• Increasing the opportunity of scientists for employment within their region, Reducing brain drain.

• Provision of alternative funding for innovative activities, with the establishment of the Adriatic BAN.

• Increasing technology transfer from regional public RTDI institutions towards SME’s, and thus increase the exploitation of research results producing significant regional value added and spillovers.

• Increasing the capabilities of the Regional Innovation System in designing, planning and monitoring RTDI actions and programmes.

• Building up regional data/intelligence/transfer to non EU members, practices, routines and methods that will enable them to converge to the EU policies.


Duration:  November 2013/September 2016

Budget:  € 5.046.560,64 

Lead partner: Province of Rimini


• The association of chambers of commerce of Veneto Region

• Friuli Innovazione, Research and Tecnology Transfer Center

• Scientific and Technology Park Tecnopolis PST S.c. a r.l.

• SIPRO Development Agency - Ferrara

• Agency for Innovation of Administration and Public Local Services (Pesaro)

• Directorate for development of small and medium sized enterprises (Montenegro)

• Zlatibor Regional Development Agency

• Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

• RDA Green Karst, Ltd.

• Regional Development Centre Koper

• Primorska Technology Park (PTP)

• LIR Evolution

• Juraj Dobrila University of Pula

• The Istrian Development Agency

• ATLANTIS Consulting S.A.

• European Regional Framework for Cooperation (ERFC)







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