SLIDES Project


Provisional Title:  S.LI.DES. Smart Strategies for sustainable tourism in Lively cultural Destinations

Programme: INTERREG TALY CROATIA CBC Programme 2014-2020 

Priority Axis: 3 - Environment and Cultural Heritage

Strategic Objective:  3.1 - Make natural and cultural heritage a leverage for the sustainable economic development

Investment Priority : 6c - Conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage 

Project Overall Objective:
The S.LI.DES. project aims at fostering cross border cooperation among cultural destination s in the Programme area and the joint planning of smart strategies to support more sustainable and balanced territorial development through the promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, in particular those assets shaping the identity of the destinations (craft activities). The project will provide local authorities with an innovative dynamic knowledge system that will enhance their decision-making process regarding the management of most popular sites. especially by exploiting the tourism potential of “minor” cultural assets, as a leverage to revitalize the urban and social environment and diversify the local economy. S.LI.DES activities will contribute to the achievement of the objectives of Pillar 4 “Sustainable Tourism” of EUSAIR Macroregional Strategy, especially where it sets out that “sustainability in tourism should be strongly linked to commercial and business perspectives” .

Project expected results:
• Increased awareness of local decision-makers about the key factors driving the sustainable and competitive performance of cultural destinations and strengthen cooperation with main local stakeholder in order to boost innovative and more effective tourism management strategies and priorities in the Programme area;
• Enhanced and dynamic knowledge about visitors’ mobility patterns and tangible and intangible heritage and craft activities, in order to implement innovative policies able to better distribute visitors flows in space and time, thus alleviating seasonality in tourism and reducing human pressure on cultural heritage;
• Improved management of cultural destinations through the testing of innovative strategies to promote cultural heritage and valorize local productions;
• Enhanced synergies between culture and tourism polices in the Programme area;
• Stronger cross-border cooperation among Italian and Croatian destinations in order to improve cultural destinations management and tourism policies at EU level.

Project Summary:
The project aims at developing a cross-border smart methodology and strategy to preserve and valorize unexploited tangible and intangible cultural heritage, and to promote sustainable territorial development, focusing in particular on ‘living heritage’, ie. craft activities and creative industries.
Through a set of innovative tools and methods, S.LI.DES will develop a Smart Destination Ecosystem to dynamically analyze different aspects of the project cultural destinations’ heritage, monitor visitors’ mobility patterns and identify the potential of valuable skills and “know-how” to enhance visitors’ experience. All data will concur to assess the competitive and sustainable performance of the destinations, to support the development of actions aimed at diversifying tourism offer through targeted investments in cultural heritage and to design a cross border smart strategy transferable at EU level.
S.LI.DES takes a systemic participative approach based on the design and joint
implementation of methodologies, tools and strategies to be discussed and shared with main local stakeholders in the destinations involved in the project. Cross border cooperation will also take advantage of different valuable expertise and competences brought by partners, thus generating high multiplier effects in the Programme area.
The innovativeness of the approach lays in combining a wide range of smart technologies and methods to integrate destination data and analytics thus supporting decision-makers in adopting a new sustainable perspective to valorize cultural heritage, preserve local identity, promote territorial development and then make their destinations more lively and livable for visitors and the local community.
The main project outputs (Smart Destination Ecosystem methodology, Destination dashboard and S.LI.DES strategy) will benefit decision-makers and public authorities, local craftsmen, cultural associations and SMEs, tourism industries visitors and citizens. All the S.LI.DES outputs will be transferable

LPUniversity of Cà Foscari (IT)

PP2 - Ecipa (IT)
PP3 - SIPRO Ferrara (IT) PP4 - City of Bari (IT)
PP5 - City of Venice (IT)
PP6 –CAST-University of Bologna (IT) PP7 – Institut za Turizam
PP8- Craft College- Institution for adult education Subsidiary Rijeka PP9- Development Agency of the City of Dubrovnik-Dura
PP10-Sibenik Tourist board

Total Budget:
EUR 2.504.981.90

30 months


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